Deaf Hearing Chat App Reviews

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Works great for me

My mother lost her hearing late in life. She does not know how to sign. This app works very well to give her instruction. I have not found an app that has this same function. I really appreciate it.

Don't waste your money

Misleading description. App does not work as described. Difficult to use and poorly designed. Total ripoff and overpriced

Crappy Bluetooth

I spent $19.98 for two apps for iPhones and the crappy Bluetooth will not connect. I can't completely blame the app but both the developer and apple should have known that bluetooth is crap. I should have done my research. Apples Bluetooth only works for Airdrop and even that is sketchy.


Does not work the way it is supposed to according to the description, would never buy anything related to this app again. POOR

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